Our custom display cabinets allow you to select from a variety of materials, colours, and even lighting fixtures that will add style and character to your display case and match your decor. Consider how you can adjust the shelf arrangement to create space for different types of items.

Types of Built-In Display Cabinet


Glass Display Case

Displays or showcases are cabinets with one or more transparent glass windows that showcase items for viewing. LED light strips can double the brightness of displays while consuming only a fraction of the energy.

Open Shelving Display

Open shelving can be integrated seamlessly into any custom carpentry. And since it has an open design, you can change the arrangement of your things whenever you want!


Niche Shelving Display

Niche shelving displays can be used to not only add decorative accents and focal points to your home, but also for proper storage.

Wall Shelving Display

Wall shelving display is a great way to maximize space and create a visually appealing display that is easy to access.


Custom Display Cabinet Pricing

Whether it’s for your souvenirs or toys, we can construct a custom display cabinet that fits your items. Our standard pricing for an average 3 feet custom glass display cabinet start at S$840.