A feature wall also called an accent wall, is a large, eye-catching wall that adds personality and style to a room. A feature wall can lift the mood of a room and add depth to an otherwise ordinary space.

Types of Feature Wall


Panel Feature Wall

Panel feature walls are a terrific way to make your space appear larger and brighter. For every personal preference, there is a popular wall panel style.

TV Feature Wall

TV feature walls are an excellent way to display your television while keeping the cables neatly hidden.

Build-In TV Console

TV consoles can be used as a practical storage option, with streamlined shelves and cabinets integrated into the beautiful walls or feature wall.

Storage Feature Wall 

Feature walls with extra storage space can be used to keep things nice and organized. It will be the center-of-attention, adding personality and charm.


Bed Head Feature Wall

Using a bed background can enhance the mood of a room and improve its overall appearance.

Feature wall 10

Custom Feature Wall Pricing

You can send us your designs or we can advise you on the design. The price of a decorative wall depends mainly on the complexity of the design and the material used. Our standard pricing for a custom feature wall ranges from S$20 to S$40 per square foot.