Platforms are great for two things – storage and space division, you can create storage underneath while using the upper space for other purposes.

Types of Built-In Platform


Raise Platform

A rasie platform can transform a room into two or even three functional areas. A platform, for example, can be used to separate the dining area from the rest of the layout. Decorative platforms can also help you create a cozy reading area or highlight your favourite spot in the room with a beautiful headboard wall—all while adding storage space to your home!

Storage Platform Bed

Storage platform beds, give the flexibility of under-bed storage and provide better weight support. This means that they are extra sturdy and long-lasting, while helping you reduce clutter in your home and make room for more storage space.


Bedroom Carpentry Combination

The storage platform can be customized to harmonize with the rest of the carpentry in your bedroom. It can be combined with a worktable, a display cabinet, a settee or even your closet. Let us know your preferences and our experienced carpenters will realize them together with you.

Built-In Platform Pricing

Platform beds with storage drawers underneath are a great way to add more storage space while keeping your room appearing sleek and modern with clean lines on top. Our standard pricing for a single platform is priced from S$20 per square foot and comes in various designs and colours to match your personal style.