Built-in benches are a functional and stylish addition. They are versatile, providing an additional seating area for guests and creating visual continuity with the rest of your home.

Types of Built-In Benches


Bay Window

A built-in window seat provides a bright place to sit with the best view outside. When equipped with drawers or a simple hinged bench top, it provides additional storage space.

Bookshelf Bench

The Bookshelf Bench is a great place to sit and read a book. The built-in seat has dividers for support and suitable storage options for books or toys.


Foyer Bench

A Shoe bench can make your foyer feel cozier and inviting, especially if you have a more contemporary design

Cabinet Bench

The Cabinet Bench brings some fun, personality and surprise to a normally monotonous area. It can be used in small spaces where ordinary sofas might be too bulky.


Bedroom Bench

In addition to providing extra storage and seating space, a bedroom bench can be a lovely decor piece for your bedroom.

Custom Benches Pricing

Custom made benches cabinets are attractive features that may also be used to increase storage space. Our standard pricing for a custom bench or settee with storage starts at S$120 per foot run.